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Welcome to our webpage, it is a good place to start if you want to find out about our gallery, Silversides & Friends, or Gill & Rob Silversides, the artists behind the name.

What's New?
At the moment we are busy preparing our Autumn/Winter Exhibition schedule. More details avaialable on the timetable page or below.  We are also busy producing work for our own gallery, (Rob is busy making Fortune Telling Fish out of red glass. Gill is developing our Elements Collection for Frome Art Fair on 26th September, and we are already making Christmas stock for our retail customers - feel free to pop by for a sneak preview and to see us in action!

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Now We Are One
27th August to September 12th2015

This short retrospective exhibition presents a series of one-off 3 dimensional artworks by our regular artist friends. It celebrates our first year in Larkhall by focussing on the unique nature of original pieces by our local artists, no two pieces will ever be the same!

Paul Eyles – Egg
Ends – September 12th

Paul’s collection of hand-built ceramics are influenced by the form and shape of eggs. Large and colourful, they have become both decorative statement pieces for interior designers and collector’s pieces for art lovers.

Lara Duncan - Drop Dead Gorgeous
Preview by ticket only 5pm to 8pm Thursday 24th September. Open to the public from Friday 25th September to Sunday 4th October 10am to 5pm (11am to 4pm on Sundays).

Lara Duncan has a reputation for creating exceptional kiln formed glass vessels which are "dropped" by manipulating the glass using heat and gravity to fall flow through handmade formers to create stunning art pieces. We are delighted to offer not only a selection of her signature vessels but also a selected sample of some of her other work including decorative art and jewellery. 

Preview by ticket only 4pm to 8pm Thursday 29th October 2015. Open to the public from Friday 30th October to Saturday 14th November 10am to 5pm (11am to 4pm on Sundays).

Flow represents movement and fluidity, it can be literal, in terms of the physical movement of glass or metaphorical representing time, elements, action.  We are pleased to welcome a mix of local to international artists, which includes established artists from the British Contemporary Glass Society. We have invited a small number of cutting edge new artists for their first exhibiton in a gallery.

From Me to You
Preview Event 10am - 8pm Thursday 26th November Open to the public Friday 27th November to Thursday 24th December 2015.10am to 5pm Closed Sundays

For hundreds of years, works of art have been given as gifts.  Museums and galleries feature Faberge Eggs, jewellery and portraits which capture the special and personal relationship that are celebrated when art is given as a gift.  In modern society when so much is mass produced and offered for barely more than its make cost, it is difficult to find special gifts that demonstrate care and value.  We have gathered together a selection of beautiful and inspiring gifts from local artists and artisans, with affordable prices from £5 to £500.

We still have space for one or two more artists in our Flow exhibition, for a last minute chance to apply go to

call for artists -

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